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Rider Development

The program provides riders access to BMX equipment, safety gear, and coaching from experienced BMX riders. The program also offers bike maintenance, safety, and riding techniques workshops. Additionally, the program provides a safe, supportive environment for riders to learn, grow, and build relationships with other riders. The program allows riders to build self-confidence, develop skills, and gain a sense of accomplishment and pride. Ultimately, the program strives to empower underserved riders to ride BMX and to be part of a larger BMX community.

Our Development Journey
So Far...



Three riders from the Cradle BMX Club were chosen to join the development program, allowing them to access training programs, new equipment and a comprehensive plan to ensure their development is sustainable and their skills are continually improving. It's an incredible opportunity for these riders, and we can't wait to see them on the track! Generous international donations have provided the primary funding support; however, additional funds are needed to enable them to prepare and travel to Scotland for the UCI BMX World Championships in 2023.

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