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CRSA is looking to establish partnerships with individuals and organizations who see the value of sport to advance the developmental agenda. We are excited to forge relationships with like-minded thinkers to develop natural synergies, learn from and - at the same time - add value to their organizations.


We invite individuals and groups to join us in making a difference in the lives of our young riders! Individual support can be provided in a variety of ways, such as donating supplies, coaching, cheerleading, and applying your expertise and experience in marketing, website development, bike maintenance, and more.

You can also help us by providing transportation to practices and races, as well as sharing your knowledge in sports nutrition, sports psychology, and motivation. We look forward to having you be part of our team and make a positive impact on our riders!

In Kind

An in-kind contribution can be a great way to support and get involved with CRSA. It will help with the cost of operating the team and provide the team with the essential equipment and supplies they need to race. These contributions could include consumables, sports drinks, helmets, gloves, shoes, apparel, transport, accommodation and other accessories.

In-kind support helps the CRSA budget go much further than it would otherwise, allowing us to focus on improving our riders' performance and less on the necessary equipment and supplies cost. It can also help us build relationships with new partners and promote the organization providing the in-kind contribution as a compassionate corporate citizen.


CSRA seeks corporate sponsors to join us in promoting and developing BMX racing as an inclusive sport. Partnerships with non-profit organizations, foundations and other organizations dedicated to leveraging sport for development are also welcome. Financial support will be utilized for CRSA’s development program operational costs, to send riders to the 2023 BMX World Championships in Scotland, the South African National Championships in Gauteng and KZN and possibly help one fulfil their Olympic dreams in France in 2024.

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